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August 25, 2009, 9:31 pm
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A first entry is daunting, particularly when you’ve been sitting on a blog for 2 years. Yes, I registered this blog two years ago, I admit that freely. I am a procrastinator of the worst type, the kind that has rather marvelous ideas– hey, not gonna be modest here– and can’t ever seem to get enough gumption to get them moving.

No more, my friends. It is likely motivated by my current work at my money-making jobs. I’ll say I’m grateful for employment during these economic times, and I do like my employers and my co-workers, but I believe even they would confess that my job is not especially scintillating creativity-wise. Without giving myself away wholesale, I’ll say I work mostly in spreadsheets and emails, which, really, is not what I saw my life becoming.

So here we are.

Novel of Doom ™ (here fore referred to as NOD ™) was started shortly after my 30th birthday last month, due to a promise to myself and the husband that I would finish it by my thirty-first birthday. Five pages in, I lost steam and though the idea remains at the back of my head, it is not taking hold in the way a project of this magnitude (i.e. novel with which I find satisfaction and, most importantly when speaking of my essential personality, complete) should. Thus, the idea was if not scrapped, set aside, and I spent the first month of this twelve month allowance writing nary a word of anything significant.

That would be until Sunday.

Saturday night, attempting to fall asleep, I struck upon another idea. More accurately, several plot bunnies who had been kicking around in my brain for years now, multiplying as they are wont to do, came together in a Donnie Darko-sized rabbit (though far less terrifying), and Sunday found me attacking Open Office with a kind of enthusiasm I haven’t felt in years.

Two days later, we find ourselves 17 pages in. While I am thrilled with this progress, I know better than to pat myself on the back this early in the game. We’re merely 17 pages in, and there is plenty of steam to be lost. I can accept this, and can come to accept the days I know it will feel like pulling teeth to even get a line, a phrase in. It’s the drive to keep moving forward in these times I need to cling to and in that is this blog.

I know blogs are widely believed to be more of a hindrance to a writer than an aid of any sort. While I’m sure this is true on a general scale, I’m the type that needs prodding, needs outside insistence that the story get done to get it there. I need someone looking in on this blog and calling me on it if I start slacking. If any of you are up for the job, I can pay you nothing but keep providing vaguely witty blog entries.

And, hopefully, by July 14, 2010, a novel.


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