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caught me on the downslide, downturn
June 25, 2010, 7:37 pm
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I come up with things to talk and write about almost all day. Most of these seem to come up in the shower, which, for whatever reason, is the place where I apparently am my smartest. I’m still looking for a computer that is waterproof.

As it is, I think it’s quite obvious that these brilliant pieces never make it to the screen. From time to time, I get a bit down, but the distractions of two kids, a dog that thinks she’s supposed to be hunting our three cats, a house that is always just this side of disaster and my own vivid addiction to ridiculous celebrity gossip and watching Netflix Instant Play make my brain turn instantly to goo once I am out of the hot stream of water.

What I’m saying is this: I’m a piss-poor blogger and I apologize. I am making a promise at this point to produce for you, my wee group of devoted readers, that I will post something at least once a week. I will make good on that brilliance I incur in the shower instead of wandering out for another episode of the Tudors (though, let’s face it, Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ crazy eyes are a frightening motivator). I will tell you the tale of my eBay finds and how my children proved death is not the end all be all. I will share with you the story of the existential journey my friend and I took looking for a gas station in my twenties and how I’m quite sure that I’m supposed to write a play based on it. I hope you’ll indulge me these fits of whiny depression and ridiculous fangirl squealing that is very likely– nay, positively– to occur.

I have fingers on these hands and will be using them.


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I looked for a waterproof PC – or even a waterproof journal for your birthday, but no luck so far!

Comment by Kathy S

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